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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Big One! Daddy's Birthday!

Mattie and Rachel
We love you Rachel!
On Dave and Shelley's front porch
they are so festive and grow their
own pumpkins every year!

We had been exciteted about Daddy's upcoming birthday for weeks, like in any house with little kids Daddy's birthday is a BIG deal! So ofcoarse I had all sorts of elaborate plans from a Dallas Cowboys football game which I scaled back to a college game like OU vs. Texas, which was scaled back to watching his nephew play in OKC with family there to surprise him, which was again not the best idea for us. You know God sometimes puts special people in our lives that help us and encourage us at times and for us those people are the Kurts. When our friend Shelley called and invited us to come to their homecoming to help cheer Rachel on as a homecoming queen candidate and said none of their family would be able to be there I kinda new right then, it was a sweet blessing from God. She had no idea it was Steve's birthday but I when I told her she was just as excited. No amount of money or great game is worth the value of friendship. We had a plan! Dave, being one of the kindest men that I know, had fixed a very nice and delicious supper for us. I brought a cake to share but we ended up just saving it since we were running out of time. Dave and Shelley are people you feel blessed from just being in their company. I love having a friend that is not in my stage of child raising but down the road a few years, she has a precious daughter in college and two in highschool and being able for her to see where I am and give me advice is priceless. Shelley is always positive and encouraging and confident in her christian walk. We all had a wonderul time. The kids loved getting to see the Hugoton Eagle mascot, they kept wanting to hug him again and again.

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