All Because two people fell in love

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pioneer Days!
Another Pioneer Day has rolled around and it always takes me back to that first pioneer day that I went to with Steve. Meeting his Grandma Janie and meeting with family after the parade to got eat lunch together. Then later meeting Uncle Edward Lee at the rodeo.
How much things have changed.... it seems like every year we go back we have a new baby in toe. Every morning I scramble around trying to find a matching pair of boots for the kids to wear and maybe a cowboy hat. This time, I still have a little one but now my little one is 19 mo. old she is able to sit and clap and pick up a piece of candy here and there, so I am able to take in my surroundings a little more.
I never want to forget the way Brady points out every tractor and horse with excitement at the parade, or Mollie's face riding the little train with her big sister at the carnival. Mattie's wide eyed face as she comes down the big slide on the gunny sack, so proud that she did it herself!
Mattie and Brady bringing me rock after rock saying" here's another good skipper" as I attempted to skip them my best across the pond. Steve at all times having someone up on his shoulders, and loving every minute of it. It was a special day! We all had a ball and now the family sleeps while mommy tries to jot down some of these precious times.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Okay! Today was a great day. We were up and going today, dressed, and breakfast done and out the door by 8:40! Mollie absolutly loves to go on walks, anytime we are in the garage she just gets in her stroller and sits their content as can be!
Mattie and Brady were on their bikes! They have gotten to be quite the duo on their bikes. Brady is really getting brave and wants to ride everywhere we go and he is a determined little man! We walked to the park, the tennis courts, then to the new gym so the kids could ride down the big ramp they really had fun and thank goodness we didn't have any wrecks!
Mattie often repeats back commercials to me pretty well to let me know what I really need, it's either the aqua globes, the cool hangers, the hanging tomato plants or something! This morning it was "bump its" mama!! you really need that! I remember even last year she really wanted me to get that little purse that everything could fit into! She almost had it memorized, watch what all can fit into it! She was so serious and thoughtful it was funny! Uh Oh do I sense another gullible girl??

Another little tid bit...
Tonight as I was getting supper ready and the kids were up at the bar and we were waiting on Daddy to get home and listening to some singing cd's I told the kids "This is the song that was at mommy and daddy's wedding!!! But it was before you were even born! I continued messing around and singing and Brady bursts out not quite in tears yet and says "Why did you leave me ? Why did you leave me? I didn't want to be born" (just little bit mad!!!) I couldn't help but laugh and try to explain to him how he was our precious baby boy. I ended up going and getting apicture of when we were all in the hospital when Mollie was born, he's just not quite sure on how he was inside my tummy yet! I hope my grammar hasn't failed me too bad. I am probably not making any sense with the way I write. Hopefully I will get better and better at this! Love you all!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the beginning.... okay today is the first day of my blog. My goal for this blog is for me to have my most precious memories written down so we can go back and laugh together and remember when. Also it is for people that I love and that love my family to enjoy or catch up on what is going on!