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Monday, May 11, 2009

I am blessed to be a mother

With Steve taking Friday off we got to have lot's of time over the weekend to just get to be home and do things around the house that needed done! Sunday came and Mattie rushed into the kitchen as I have Mollie in my arms and says in her not so inside voice, "Happy Mother's Day Momma!!" then Mollie says in her Mollie voice, Ha y Moth s Day! and gives me a hug just modeling what she sees and hears perfectly. Later, Brady comes in and says, "Happy Santa Clause Day!!" like he really does remember there's some reason he woke up and remembered this day with excitement! We had a lovely couple from church over to enjoy our lunch! Steve and Rod grilled steaks for us as we prepared mashed potatos, spiniche salad and steemed asparagas! It was a delicious meal and great friends to enjoy it with. Later that evening after church we had sandwhiches and desserts to welcome the new preacher and his wife which are also our neighbors behind us. All in all the sticky hands, the diapers, the messy floors and the tears I feel so blessed that God has blessed me with the honor of being a mother, because mothers can change the world! I love my mother and all the Godly examples of mothers in my family and friends. Thank you.

Baird's first garden!

Well the weekend started earlier than usual for the Baird family! Thursday I had the entire house cleaned and neat so my eyes became focused on this dirt patch we have in the back yard. We had a swing set on it but I decided it needed to become what it was made for, a garden!! I had a plan! The kids looking at me, watching why is Mommy doing this and that and sometimes I forget and get so busy I forget to get out of my pajamas and into real clothes. First we picked up lots of dishes and toys and trucks! Then I along with a really strong neighbor I like to call Mother Teresa moved the swing set over to another part of the yard!I was determined to get the rotor tiller out and use it and impress Steve that I knew how to use it myself and that I was quite resourceful to have a garden!! Hauling the thing over to our back yard was enough to almost be enough of a job! But I was fiercely determined today!It's amazing what a women can do when she is determined and sets her mind to it! I know you know what I mean :) After doing everything I knew to do on how to start an object like this Mother Teresa came over gave it a few pulls and I was off! Steve had let me till a few rows in the past but he was there to guide me and take over when I needed. This time I was the only one in control so I better be smart and know what I was doing I mean I'm running a tiller with 3 children close by!!! They all watched and clapped every time I came down where they were and turned around. I had instructed them to sit on the step and not get off! I felt like a real women, I even kinda hummed some Shania in my head as I slowly moved along. I thought after a while it would be fine if the kids wanted to play in the freshly tilled cold soil, so I said you can get in. Then I motioned to Brady if he wanted he could walk behind me to feel the soft dirt. I love dirt, and mud! Mattie definitely gets her messy muddy ways from her momma! My mind drifts back to when I was a kid I remember clearly walking behind my dad while he used a tiller to make our garden, it's funny I didn't really know what he was doing at the time but I am so glad I have that memory of stepping into his big foot steps they were kinda hard for me to reach one to the next. I have been a parent for five years and have thrust myself into it quite quickly so I find I am always leaning on how my parents parented me and following in the deep imprints they left on my heart to help guide me. I am so thankful I have a clear place to know where to step.

As I tilled along I tried to remember all my garden memories. I remember me and Randy my older brother sneaking into the garden and hiding behind really big broccoli bushes and snapping them off and eating them. We weren't suppose to do that, but isn't that like kids sneaking to eat fresh vegetables??? We played hide-n-seek in the garden. We played in the sand for hours fixing our ranches and plowing our fields, Randy always had the best land and spread, but nobody really taught us how to do that we just did and we dreamed about our future homes together and now it's funny we are all working on our homes today but not in the sand.

Steve planted a dozen tomato plants and four pepper plants. He worked really hard on a fence to keep kids and small animals out. He built cages to provide support for the plants when they get bigger. This is going to be a fun project that our whole family will get to be a part of this summer. The kids are so excited to learn what we are planting and how we are going to do it! Now it is Monday and I've just planted two more rows of green beans and okra today I hope it comes up! As I planted today I used many references to the parable of the sower in the Bible it was so fun to have a hands on experience with them that related to God and his word, maybe as we go along something will stick with them!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pioneer Days!
Another Pioneer Day has rolled around and it always takes me back to that first pioneer day that I went to with Steve. Meeting his Grandma Janie and meeting with family after the parade to got eat lunch together. Then later meeting Uncle Edward Lee at the rodeo.
How much things have changed.... it seems like every year we go back we have a new baby in toe. Every morning I scramble around trying to find a matching pair of boots for the kids to wear and maybe a cowboy hat. This time, I still have a little one but now my little one is 19 mo. old she is able to sit and clap and pick up a piece of candy here and there, so I am able to take in my surroundings a little more.
I never want to forget the way Brady points out every tractor and horse with excitement at the parade, or Mollie's face riding the little train with her big sister at the carnival. Mattie's wide eyed face as she comes down the big slide on the gunny sack, so proud that she did it herself!
Mattie and Brady bringing me rock after rock saying" here's another good skipper" as I attempted to skip them my best across the pond. Steve at all times having someone up on his shoulders, and loving every minute of it. It was a special day! We all had a ball and now the family sleeps while mommy tries to jot down some of these precious times.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Okay! Today was a great day. We were up and going today, dressed, and breakfast done and out the door by 8:40! Mollie absolutly loves to go on walks, anytime we are in the garage she just gets in her stroller and sits their content as can be!
Mattie and Brady were on their bikes! They have gotten to be quite the duo on their bikes. Brady is really getting brave and wants to ride everywhere we go and he is a determined little man! We walked to the park, the tennis courts, then to the new gym so the kids could ride down the big ramp they really had fun and thank goodness we didn't have any wrecks!
Mattie often repeats back commercials to me pretty well to let me know what I really need, it's either the aqua globes, the cool hangers, the hanging tomato plants or something! This morning it was "bump its" mama!! you really need that! I remember even last year she really wanted me to get that little purse that everything could fit into! She almost had it memorized, watch what all can fit into it! She was so serious and thoughtful it was funny! Uh Oh do I sense another gullible girl??

Another little tid bit...
Tonight as I was getting supper ready and the kids were up at the bar and we were waiting on Daddy to get home and listening to some singing cd's I told the kids "This is the song that was at mommy and daddy's wedding!!! But it was before you were even born! I continued messing around and singing and Brady bursts out not quite in tears yet and says "Why did you leave me ? Why did you leave me? I didn't want to be born" (just little bit mad!!!) I couldn't help but laugh and try to explain to him how he was our precious baby boy. I ended up going and getting apicture of when we were all in the hospital when Mollie was born, he's just not quite sure on how he was inside my tummy yet! I hope my grammar hasn't failed me too bad. I am probably not making any sense with the way I write. Hopefully I will get better and better at this! Love you all!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the beginning.... okay today is the first day of my blog. My goal for this blog is for me to have my most precious memories written down so we can go back and laugh together and remember when. Also it is for people that I love and that love my family to enjoy or catch up on what is going on!