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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mattie Jane's 7th birthday!

Mattie and her guitar cake!
the kids

finished decorating their pillow cases

At the movies!

Girls and their glittering guitars!

Our Greatest Hits!

singing! The Climb by Hannah Montanna

making our pizza's being silly

As you can see I'm trying to get caught up their birthdays before another birthday comes and I am even more behind.

Mattie's seventh birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we decided to go with the Saturday before for a party to celebrate it. Mattie informed me she didn't want a party this year but would rather have two girlfriends spend the night.... hmmmm I thought is she really old enough to have a sleep over?? Just two girls???? The more I thought about it the more I like it! Fewer children... and older children was a great idea! I have noticed Mattie getting into singing the words to her favorite songs and who sings certain songs. So I thought about a "Rock Star" party and suggested it and she loved the idea. My big surprise would be her gift of a little microphone and amplifier and let the girls sing Hanna Montanna songs off of Youtube. So I put together very quickly a Rock Star party after a quick trip to the dollar store. We made "hit records" decorated glittery guitars, made our own pizza's, had a karoke night, decorated pillow cases, and of course colored! . Daddy was a dj for the party and finally had to hit the sack, the next day after pancakes he went hunting, while I took the kids to see "Tangled" in 3D! We all loved the movie! Got back to Hooker for a little down-time before going to the "Christmas Parade" in Hooker where the kids always get to see Santa! This party was probably more fun for me because I love to sing and since there was just two friends they were so easy to manage and could do everything on their own after I gave them a project! Loved this weekend it was so fun and I'm so proud of Mattie and how she is growing up. I have noticed that she is very thoughtful and perceptive of people, she really cares and wants to do special things for people.

Things about Mattie this year;

* She is in first grade and loves her teacher, Mrs.League
* She loves to read, and put stickers on her folder. We have homework now!
* She likes to draw pictures, and color pictures for people
* She is very interested in learning how to play piano
* She keeps a little notebook by her bed and likes to write in it at night
* Her prayers are very thoughtful, she always says "be with those that need you and are unloved" she names several people that are hurt or lost loved ones and is faithful in remembering them every time.
* Loves her family very much, she is always drawing pictures of us all together.
*Very picky about how her clothes and socks fit her, everything has to be just right.
*she loves our dogs, she was very sad when our cat Samantha dissappeared this past summer.
*she played Machine pitch this past summer, and has a good attitude.
*She is in tumbling and can do the splits two different ways, her teacher Ms.Lori is always using her as an example to show the others how to do something
*She memorizes Bible scriptures with great enthusiasm! Says her old and new test.books

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