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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a Hoot!

Me and my three year old girl

yay! when can we eat it mama?

Happy Birthday Mollie

Daddy and his three owls

pin the beak on the owl

Make a wish!

Tea? yes please.

Owl Trail mix!

Mollie with her "3" cookie

Inside the "owls nest"

Devry with her owl finger puppet!

owl sugar cookies which I made from a cookie cutter of a tulip,

half a peanut for the nose.

chocolatey owl cup cakes! candy corn nose and mini oreo eyes!

Mollie's owl cake!

Loved theses hair clips!

the girls enjoying their tea party and snacks

The cute invitation that Donia designed for me

Devry, Allie, Mollie, Brook, and Havynn

I'm a little behind so I'll try to fill in some gaps and just hit the highlights up until now! Well my little Mollie had a 3rd birthday!

I had so much fun putting this little party together. We decided on an Owl theme, I had seen some cute owl things I like to do things you can't find in Walmart so their more original and special.

We had an Owl cake, owl cupcakes, owl cookies, and even owl trail mix for take home treats!

My friend Donia helped all the way from Kentucky as she designed some adorable invites and goodie bag labels. I made a huge Owl from brown butcher paper and we played pin the beak on the owl! Her guest list included 3 and 4 yr. old girls so I got the little table set up for a tea party. They played ring around the rosie. Mattie was so helpful with the girls I really needed her! I learned that with these ages that I did everything with girls so I just ignored everything else and just entertained them. I had made some little owl puppets so they really liked it when I sat up little princess castle and they pretended it was their nest. I loved her party it was an hour and a half of fun. Seeing their faces as they played dress up and tea party made every bit of the staying up late so worth it. My other really awesome friend helped me out by finishing stitching around the little felt owl hair clips I made. Yes, I know I over did it, I picked way too many things to make, I looked on-line for ideas probably shouldn't have :) Anyway here are some pictures from her party!

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